We have drawn on decades of experience with residential renovations in Auckland and Europe to develop a process that ensures the success of your home improvement project. You can count on friendly, clear and frequent updates throughout the process. The level and quality of communication we offer sets us apart from other Auckland construction companies.

The process begins when you send us an email or pick up the phone. Either way, we will respond promptly. An informal phone chat will quickly reveal whether we can provide services you require. If it makes sense to proceed, we’ll book a no-obligation session (usually at your place) at a time convenient for you.

Your first meeting will be with Zed, Artbuild’s founder and leader. This meeting is free of charge. Zed can inspect your home and discuss your dreams and vision. He will also listen to your main concerns and the challenges facing your project. You can ask questions, explain your plans and talk about your proposed budget. With our experience and problem-solving skills, we may be able to achieve more than you think.

All our clients receive a free consultation with our trusted interior designer and paint consultant. The advice you get will help to transform your vision into reality. During your renovation we will also provide a free storage unit for your belongings, if it’s required. At the end of renovation process, your home will be professionally cleaned for no charge and you’ll find a beautiful bunch of flowers waiting for you on your new kitchen bench.

You may already have an architect or draughtsperson. If not, we will introduce you to someone who’s appropriate for your job. Every architect we recommend has extensive experience in the Auckland market. Initial drawings will help you to understand what your home will look like when the project is complete. This is a particularly important stage of the project, especially if it involves the building of an extension or substantially changing the interior layout of your home. We like to be involved in this stage; our experience can help to ensure the scope of works fits your budget.

Next we will provide an initial cost estimate for the renovation, based on your concept drawings. It’s important to ballpark the cost before working drawings are done and building consents are issued. If it looks like your proposed budget won’t cover the full scope of your renovation plan, adjustments can be made. There’s nothing worse than moving ahead to consents too quickly, then finding out you can’t afford the build – it’s frustrating and it causes delays. We employ a qualified quantity surveyor to help with the cost estimate. Before you see the final figure, we check his work against our own quoting checklist, to make sure nothing has been missed.

Once you are satisfied with the concept drawings and the cost estimate, the architect will create working drawings that will be submitted to the local authority for approval. If the scope of work requires it, working drawings will also be submitted to an experienced engineer who will check for structural integrity. The finished working drawings will guide the renovation.

When working drawings and a specification document from the architect are completed, we will present you a detailed quote. This should closely match the cost estimate you received earlier. We will explain our quote in detail and we answer any questions you may have. For additional clarity, we can also help you to compare our quote with other quotes from Auckland builders, so that you compare apples with apples. This is done through our quote comparison session.

If you are happy with our quote, we will prepare a tailored Master Builder contract for your project. The contract will include working drawings and specifications, project schedule with start and end date, 10 year Master Builder guarantee, disclosure statement and letter of engagement.

Every job we accept has a dedicated bank account. Funds in your account are only used for your project. This way you can be sure that the money you pay us is not used for any other projects or expenses. Too often builders are not able to properly manage their cash-flow; delays happen because they may have to interrupt one project to get quick cash with another project. We know that our system of a separate account for each project supports steady progress with no interruptions.

We will turn up for work on the agreed day at the agreed time. You won’t need a project manager; we take care of everything, from getting equipment on-site to ensuring tradespeople are where they need to be. We will also take care of health & safety requirements.

We will have regular on-site meetings with you, so we can walk you through what is happening, the challenges encountered and what is coming up next. In our experience, it is best to hold these meetings once a week.

During renovation we will go through a highly detailed snagging process daily to ensure your project lives up to our high standards. This involves a checklist of several hundred items. Each item is checked by an experienced member of our team to ensure highest possible standards.

At the end of the project, Zed will meet you at your home to talk you through any specifics you need to know, such as the operation of heating controls, how to claim on the warranty and other details related to your satisfaction. You will also be given a file related to your project. This file will include all information you may need in the future, including valuable reference photos for plumbing, drainage, electrical, etc. Our objective is to ensure you are completely happy before we walk out the door. After that, you can enjoy what will now be the home of your dreams.

Request a free renovation planning session with us

Your first meeting with Artbuild is entirely free of charge and free of obligation, yet it delivers hundreds of dollars’ worth of value. You’ll learn a lot about home renovation and what could be achieved with your house.

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