Stories of people who renovated their home and came out smiling

The entire building process was very good and very smooth. I’m an architect, so I do know how things can go wrong, but on this one, as good as you could hope for a project to go.

Anthony Flannery

It was a very clean process, all the workers were excellent workers, all took a lot of pride in what they did. 

Moira Flannery

We’ve got a brand new house, really, in our renovation. Is not just the part of the house. It’s just so lovely and warm and easy to live in.

Karina Smith

The house is great, nice worm house, brand new, it’s wonderful. Nice to come home every day.

Greg Smith

When Zed was working here you felt he was just working here, he wasn’t trying to do million other things. His focus was on us and getting our job done swiftly. 

Felicity Morgan-Rhind

Looking back, it was very easy and smooth process, it was easy to deal with the team and during the construction process there was never a big mess. Final product I was really impressed by.


We are currently sitting in our second renovation and we are waiting for the quote from Artbuild, so yes, we will use Artbuild again.


Artbuild takes away

the six pains of home renovation