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You’ve heard the horror stories about budget blowouts, delays, compromises and poor quality.
It’s a different story with Artbuild.

Renovating a villa, bungalow or any other style of Auckland home can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Or you can team up with Artbuild for an experience that is enjoyable, creative and fulfilling. Explore our website to find out what makes Artbuild stand out in the Auckland house renovation market. We have a proven Renovation Planning System that covers every aspect of a successful home renovation, whether you have a villa, bungalow or contemporary home.

Architects say we’re the best

We are often recommended by architects who want their clients to work with one of the best renovation builders in Auckland. Many projects also come our way because our customers refer their family and friends to us when they need builders in Auckland. We feel honoured by this level of trust and it is front-of-mind when we’re working. We take pride in using our skills and knowledge to build accurately, stay on budget and meet or exceed every measurement of building code compliance.

Why choose ARTBUILD for your home renovation

  • Proven Renovation Planning System to ensure success​
  • Renovation construction is our calling; we love what we do
  • You pay a fixed price, which is explained in detail​
  • We live up to deadlines that are agreed before project commencement
  • Our team are all qualified builders, led by registered Master Builder and qualified carpenter Zed Latinovic
  • Project management is part of the job; you won’t need to hire a project manager
  • Our Health & Safety practices are unsurpassed; we were the first construction company in NZ to introduce a hazard identification process that includes risks to children and elderly people as well as pets
  • We have an impeccable reputation in the Auckland home renovation market
  • You can trust us to meet all building code and council compliance requirements
  • The experience is enjoyable and you will be thrilled with the result

How do we work?

To ensure the best outcome for every project we take on, Artbuild follows a proven process that has been carefully fine-tuned over the years.

Artbuild takes away the six pains of home renovation

Secrets of renovation success

by Zed Latinovic

Secrets of renovation success

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Meet Zed and Nena

Originally from Europe, where they were involved with buildings protected by UNESCO World Heritage, Zed and Nena Latinovic are committed to customer happiness. Their home renovation company in Auckland is carefully managed to support high quality results for every project.

The values we live by

We take pride in our work and are known for our professionalism and integrity. To keep our construction team and sub-contractors focused on quality, we employ a strict code ethics.

Start the conversation today

Do you have a home renovation project on the horizon? Whatever stage you’re at, talk to us today about your hopes and dreams.

“With Bravery We Enfold Our Responsibility”

to create, with love, a world that is sustainable, high quality, for future generations.

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